You can execute Line6 Edit without install JRE 1.6 on Windows 10


This wonderful software, let us modify our Line 6 patches.

It works on:

  • Bass PODxt
  • Bass PODxt Live
  • Bass PODxt Pro
  • Flextone II
  • Flextone III
  • HD147
  • POD 2.0
  • POD Pro
  • PODxt
  • PODxt Live
  • PODxt Pro
  • Vetta II Combo
  • Vetta II Head

But, it was in the past, because it doesn’t support Windows 10. Anyway, it supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Ok ok, Windows 8 it’s fine….. main problem is: it needs Java (hell) version 1.6 JRE.

At this moment, Oracle has released version 1.8. Maybe, we will have another release tomorrow, and so on. I remember happy times when you only should take care about Microsoft’s version each four years…

Good news: you can run Line6 Edit without install JRE 1.6

  • Install 7zip software to uncompress all the packages (
  • Download JRE 1.6 (x586 version) from Oracle’s page (deprecated versions). You must download this version:
    Windows x86 Offline 16.3 MB jre-6u45-windows-i586.exe
  • Right click on jre-6u45-windows-i586.exe and in 7zip options, select extract (yes, you can!) Browse, folder and extract We call this folder “JAVA16_FOLDER”
  • Unpack all Java *.pack libraries in lib and lib\etx. For instance:
JAVA16_FOLDER\bin\unpack200 -r -v -l "" deploy.pack deploy.jar
JAVA16_FOLDER\bin\unpack200 -r -v -l "" charsets.pack charsets.jar
JAVA16_FOLDER\bin\unpack200 -r -v -l "" rt.pack rt.jar
JAVA16_FOLDER\bin\unpack200 -r -v -l "" javaws.pack javaws.jar
JAVA16_FOLDER\bin\unpack200 -r -v -l "" jsse.pack jsse.jar
JAVA16_FOLDER\bin\unpack200 -r -v -l "" plugin.pack plugin.jar
JAVA16_FOLDER\bin\unpack200 -r -v -l "" localedata.pack localedata.jar
  • Download Line6 Edit in your Windows Os (
  • Right click on Line 6 Edit v3.06.0 Installer.exe, 7zip, open file. Extract “Line 6 Edit\Line 6 Edit.exe”.
  • Right click on Line 6 Edit.exe (another time), 7zip, extract… We’ll have this folder (LINE6_FOLDER) where are Java classes:
  • From the windows command line (Cmd), change dir to “LINE6_FOLDER” and execute:
PATH_TO_JAVA16_FOLDER\bin\java line6editapp.L6Line6EditApp

And it runs.

Now you can edit your patch for Comfortably Numb

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    Sorry, it doesn’t work ?
    What can i do ?

    • trasteator

      Please, what problem do you have?
      Could you give any information about your problem?

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